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After seeing a near buddie going trough a tough period because of a illness caused from tobacco I made it my mission to save as many other individuals as possible from the same exact destiny, however quickly I realized that regardless how great the arguments are it's usually very hard to make a smoker quit smoking, not necessarily because your arguments aren't sufficiently good and not necessarily because the smoker is just not happy to stop but merely due to the fact smoking is a more addictive drug than heroin as well as cocaine (scientifically proven).

Then I realised there's in fact a way to stop smoking with out quitting smoking, so give a smoker his or her pleasure and also habit but preserve them from the damaging effects of cigarettes.

The Things I am referring to are e-cigarettes. You can read about all the side effects associated with cigarettes and how a [url=]electronic cigarette[/url] may help you quite smoking or simply permit you to follow your current routine and obtain your kick with no harmful side effects of smoking cigarettes on my webpage

P.S. I am hoping this will not get erased due to having a hyperlink to my web-site as I merely try to inform and help.

God bless you

Chrissy M.